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Fractal Tunnels Live Wallpaper v221 APK for Android download

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Delight yourself with different fractals that look like rivers, lightning, crystals and much more. Experience your favor

Delight yourself with different fractals that look like rivers, lightning, crystals and much more. Experience your favorite music interpreted visually and reflected in all the fractals.
Music Visualizer
Play music with any audio app. Then switch to the music visualizer and it will visualize the music. 47 radio channels are available from the radio icon. A player for your music files is also included.
Background radio player
The radio can continue playing when this app is in the background. You can then do other things when you listen to the radio.
Create your own Fractal tunnel with the settings
Choose between 48 fractal themes like Fractal Canyon and Alien Fractals. Set the steepness of the tunnel and the appearance of the textures. 6 music visualization themes are included. Get access to the settings in a simple way by watching a video ad. This access will last until you close down the app.
Mix your fractals
You can mix the fractals, just like a VJ (video jockey). Make a mix of your favorite fractals in any order that you want and choose how they are mixed. Maybe you want a faster mix or a slower mix with a longer fade between the fractals? The “mixed fractals”-feature is available from the settings.
You can watch this app on your TV with Chromecast. It is a special experience to watch it on a big screen. This is suitable for parties or chill out sessions.
Chill out visualizer
This is a visual stimulation tool with pulsating colors, but without music visualization. It can be used to energize and stimulate the mind.
You can adjust the speed with the and – buttons on the visualizers.
You can control your ride through the tunnel with the interactive 3D-gyroscope.
Microphone visualization
You can visualize any sound from your phone’s microphone. Visualize your own voice, music from your stereo or from a party. Microphone visualization has many possibilities.
Unlimited access to settings
You will have access to all of the settings without having to watch any video ad.
Fractals represent the beautiful, natural symmetry that occurs in the immense cosmos. Many phenomena in nature have patterns similar to fractals, like rivers, mountains, lightning, trees, snowflakes and crystals.
Fractals look the same at various different scales. You can take a small extract of the shape and it looks the same as the entire shape. This curious property is called self similarity.
To create a fractal you can start with a simple pattern and repeat it at smaller scales again and again forever. The name fractal is derived from the fact that fractals don’t have a whole number dimension, they have a fractal dimension. You can zoom into a fractal and the patterns and shapes will continue repeating forever.
The fractal textures in this app are made by Ivo Bouwmans:
Silvia Hartmann:
Eyvind Almqvist:
All included radio stations are from Digital Impulse:
These channels and more are included in the app:
1. Astra Trance
2. Disco Hits ’80s
3. EuroDance ’90s
4. 9Axis Trance
5. Alyf Recordings Trance
6. Ambient & Lounge
7. Arrakeen Trance
8. Paradise Trance
9. Atlas Corporation Trance
10. Aviv Media Trance
11. Blues Channel
12. House Channel
13. Christmas Channel
14. Classical Channel
15. ATG Trance
16. Country Channel
17. DKR TecHouse
18. Emacore Trance
19. Ambient Fantasy
20. Gate of Paradise Trance
21. Jazz Channel
22. Kuno Trance
23. Matt Paul Trance

Download XAPK(28.3MB)

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