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Do you want to discover what your hands say about you and your future for free? Your destiny is in your hands”Palmistry

Do you want to discover what your hands say about you and your future for free? Your destiny is in your hands
“Palmistry Master” helps you analyze and identify the main lines of your hand – heart or love, head and intelligence and fate or life lines. live) – using computer vision algorithms (Computer Vision) and artificial intelligence (AI).
Following the old Chinese tradition, this app helps you to discover information about your personality, way of life and future.
If you believe in hand reading, our app will read traditional Chinese palm lines interpreting 3 main hand lines without knowing the horoscope or zodiac sign:
– Free love line reading (aka palm): Express your love quality and attitude and feelings towards love. If your love life is going to go smoothly, if you are about to have a complicated love life or if you are going to meet your unrequited love are some of the predictions that this live palm reader can predict. .
– Life Line Palm (aka Health Line): Reflects your physical vitality and vital energy to face physical challenges. In addition, reading the life line helps you in divination of possible illness or accident.
– Read the Smart line (also known as the first line): Reveal your wisdom, beliefs and thinking capacity. Reading this line predicts whether you are intelligent, creative or self-controlled.
Steps to use a Palmistry Master:
In 3 easy steps you can discover what your hands say about you.
1. Capture your hand
2. Wait for the app to do an analysis of your hand and discover your results.
3. Share result to your social network or save to gallery as photo
App Requested Permissions
App requires only the following permissions:
· Camera access: Used to be able to do left hand photography and thus can analyze palm lines to see future predictions future.
“Palmistry Master” does nothing?
It is important to clarify because there are many types of chiromancy and depending on the culture, the reading pattern makes it possible for chiromancers to see other hidden qualities in the lines, contours, or palms of the palm.
· Do not read other minor hand lines such as the line of money, children or marriage.
· It does not make predictions based on zodiac signs or astrology. “Palmistry Master” doesn’t need such information to predict your love life or intellectual abilities.
· It is not an easy guide for beginners to learn palmistry. You don’t need to have palm knowledge to read the palm of your hand, your friends, family or acquaintances.
Privacy Policy Your
Information is protected with us because we do not store any bio metric data.
If you have a problem with our live hand reader scanner you can email [email protected] or leave it in the comment section to help you out.
Try our free app and see how surprised you are with what your hands say about you.

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